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Protecting the valued assets of those who live, work, or play on or around magnificent Lake Taupo, and Mount Ruapehu.
24/7 electronic access.

Our Location

40 Omori Rd, Omori, Lake Taupo
(14 kms west of Turangi)

No Obligation Inspections Invited

Boat Ports, Locked Sheds, Containers, Monitored Alarm, 24/7 Swipe-key access, Wash-down facilities.

Boat Ports (no doors)

Boat Ports  (no doors)
9-10m x 3.5m approx:
$140.00 / mth  (4 mths +)
$165.00 / mth  (1-4 mths)
$50.00 / week (min 1 *week)
*no part weeks



8-9m x 3.5m approx:
$250.00 / mth (4 mths +)
$275.00 / mth (1-4 mths)
$70.00 / week (min 1 *week)
*no part weeks
10m x 3.5m approx:
$275.00 / mth (4 mths +)                     
$300.00 / mth (1-4 mths)
$80.00 / week (min 1 *week)
*no part weeks
Supersize Sheds
10m x 3.7 approx
(with 3.7m door height)
$325 / mth (4 mths +)
$350 / mth (1-4 *mths)
*one mth min

Containers (6m)

$225.00 / mth (4 mths +)
$250.00 / mth (*1-4 mths)
*one mth minimum

Please note: All prices quoted “include GST”

Omori Boat Storage | Ph 021 577 099
Check out the photos – no-one does storage like this! Spacious, secure, clean, storage for your boat, car or camper, and all at very sharp price! Your boat is just 5 minutes from the boat ramp, and the trout are biting! With 24/7 swipe-key access, and well-lit premises you can be on the water before it even gets light. And when you return: wash your boat down, put it away, then relax! Life is good at Omori.


You value them, but to be honest you don’t use them that much during the wet winter months.  Why not reclaim your man-shed as a winter sports room – and leave your beloved classic safe and secure at Omori Boat Storage.


Lake Taupo
Mount Ruapehu
Tongariro River
Central Plateau


You pay storage fees to leave your caravan out in the open at your favourite caravan park.  If a leak  develops you might not know about it until you return next summer, by which time it has done some serious and expensive damage.  For around the same in storage fees why not store your valuable caravan in one of our ports – out of the weather.


Security Fenced, Alarmed, Cameras, Monitored Video Surveillance.  Also, there is only one road into Omori and Kuratau – and police cameras monitor every vehicle that comes or goes.  This is a safe, high-security, holiday destination.

The Grounds

A flat and spacious layout makes for very easy access.  Backing a boat into a shed or port is an easy, stress-free experience – part of what makes Omori Boat Storage so popular!  Pumice soils are fast draining so the place is easy to drive on even in the wettest winter.  Lawns are kept mown short and the grounds kept tidy.

Your Neighbours

Like you, your fellow occupants are people who have worked hard, and now have valued assets they cherish.  You will meet good honest people here.  Most of the occupants store their boats, campers and other assets for long periods.  As a rule people don’t come and go – they come and stay.

About Omori Boat Storage –

40 Omori, Rd, Omori

Omori Boat Storage provides secure, affordable under-cover storage for boats, cars, campers and lots more.  If you live or holiday around Omori, Kuratau or Pukawa chances are you are already using us.  For the rest of you, please come and check us out.  Compare our prices.  Compare our facility.  Check out the area.   We’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised on all counts.


Common Questions
Do I have to pay a deposit?


How do I pay?
Monthly, on the first of the month, by AP
What if I start part way through a month?

First payment is until the end of that month.

How long is Long Term?
Four months or longer.
How much more does it cost for Short Term?

See price schedule 

What if I lose my swipe tag?
You tell us immediately
Will I have to pay for a new swipe tag if lose it?
Yes, around $100.00
How much notice is needed when vacating?

One month.

Where are you?
40 Omori Rd, Omori (14 kms west of Turangi).
Where is your office?

112 Taupahi Road Turangi

Will I need to fill out forms?
Yes you do.
Other Questions?
Simply ring, text, or email

About Omori

Omori, Kuratau, and Pukawa, are lake-side settlements on the south western shores of magnificent Lake Taupo, about 14km north-west of Turangi. The area has been a bit of a secret for a long time – but lately it seems word has gotten out. New Zealand’s predominant (and cool) wind is from the south west – so homes down this part of the lake have their lake views to the warm north. High hills behind also offer a degree of protection, so the waters around Omori are often calm when they are choppy elsewhere. Trout fishing is, of course, popular – but so are many of the other boat-related activities. There are also some fantastic walks, around the lake and beyond. Omori is a comfortable 45 minute drive from Mount Ruapehu, with all its snow-based winter activities, and hiking-based summertime activites. Fifteen minutes away is Turangi, your base for white-water rafting on the Tongariro River. Hot geothermal pools in Tokaanu (9km away) are great on a winter day. All in all its a great place for those who like to get out and about doing fun stuff. It’s even pretty cool for those who like to curl up in front of the fire with a good book.



Just 5 minutes down the road, and you are on the country’s biggest lake – for fishing, skiing, or just cruising around. There is a fabulous coastal restaurant just a few minutes away by boat with its own jetty.


Lets face it you don’t use your camper all year round.  Leaving it outside at your home will see it deteriorate.  Paid storage in the big centres centres will cost an arm and a leg.  There is a better solution: Omori Boat Storage!


Leave all your toys safe and secure

Omori Boat Storage Ph 021 577 099

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Save money and rest easy when you store your boat, car or camper at Omori Boat Storage. We’re just 15 minutes from Turangi, 55 minutes from Taupo township, or an easy 2 hour drive from Hamilton.

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Our Location

40 Omori Rd, Omori (14 kms west of Turangi), Lake Taupo